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Published October 22, 2008

Bravo to all who took the time to vote and a special bravo to the number of first time voters who we hear arrived at the polls in Verona. Did you know that poll clerks and other election workers are forbidden from wearing any colour that suggests a political party? With four colours already off limits (we're not sure the Radical Marijuana Party has come up with its colour yet), we can only imagine what anyone could wear if the number of parties grows any larger.

Bravo too to everyone who organised the Trinity Quilt Show. What an amazing display of artistry, vision and love! The church sanctuary was stuffed full of quilts from the 1800's right through the 21st century - each lovingly made and just as lovingly preserved. The riot of colours and designs was a testament to the needs and styles of each era, and the histories pinned to each of the quilts were moving in many ways. The loud groans of disappointment from all the people who didn't win the raffle quilt was proof of what a special prize it was. Buck up, Verona. We hear the Kingston winner was thrilled with her win (Clara Clow sold her the ticket) and at least the rest of us won't have to pass the winner in the post office or the IGA every day.

Nicki Gowdy tells us that there are still a few seats left on the annual fundraising shopping trip to Toronto this Sunday. Meet the bus at the Prince Charles PS parking lot at 7AM for a jam-packed day starting with Ikea, moving on the Vaughan Mills Mall and finishing up at the Samco Toyware store. Then home by 8 or 9 PM. Samco will donate 10-15% of all your purchase prices to the Parent Council to be used for its hot turkey dinner for all the kids in the school. The trip is Sunday Oct. 26. Call Nicki at 374-3610 for details.

After you've had a shot at the big Toronto stores, take yourself to the annual craft and bake sale sponsored by local crafters and organised by Joyce Casement. This event always brings out a crowd to pick up a variety of hand knitted, sewn, and crocheted gifts as well as a variety of delightful seasonal pieces. This year will feature a bake table by the Heritage Society. There's not a tastier selection of tarts, Christmas puddings, cookies and other yummies than the goodies that this dedicated group offers. Saturday Nov. 1 9-2.

Dr. Dempsey and the gang at the Verona Medical Clinic remind us that flu shots will soon be available. Anyone can take advantage of this valuable service, even if you're not a patient at the clinic. The first round is for seniors, people with chronic chest conditions, and young children. Thursday Nov. 6 from 10 - 4 or Tues. Nov. 11 from 2 - 5.

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