Verona Community Association (VCA)

The Verona Community Association (VCA) is a registered corporation which promotes community involvement and the welfare of our area. It is governed by a board of eight members elected for two year terms at the annual general meeting. Membership is open to anyone living within area roughly bounded by: Verona, Godfrey, Desert Lake, Hartington, and Bell Rock.

For information about the VCA and how you can help please contact:
Linda Bates

Board of Directors 2019/2020

Linda Bates President
Rhonda Storring Secretary
Don Coleman Treasurer
Deborah Lingen Director
Ron Bruyns Director
Chet Babcock Director
Laurie Meier Director
Melissa Elliot Director
Doug Morey Councillor for 2018-2022 Term

The VCA proudly sponsors projects and events that enhance our community through celebration, beautification and helping one another.

Sponsored Projects and Events